by Wayne and Betty Hampton

Entry B36 from the History of Hooker County Nebraska
with permission of the Hooker County Historical Society

Hampton Agency - 1987

The business was started by Leonard
Eriksen March 1938. He was representing
Lincoln Liberty Life Insurance Co., and also
sold Automobile Insurance. The office was
started in the building that is now an
apartment behind the Hooker Co. Tribune

Jim Simonson became a partner in 1957,
and the name was called Eriksen and Simon-
son Agency. They sold Real Estate and

On August 20, 1959, Donna Kennedy
started working for Eriksen. Their office was
located where the Senior Citizen is now. John
A. "Bud" Gibson worked for Eriksen and
Simonson, becoming a partner in 1963.

Leonard Eriksen passed away March 25,
1964, and his wife Virginia worked along with
Jim Simonson and Bud Gihson. Jim sold out
to Virginia and Bud in 1968. Betty Hampton
went to work for Virginia and Bud in April,

On Jan. 1, 1974 Leonard E. Eriksen Co.,
sold out the business to Bud A. Gibson. In
Febr. 1974, Bud remodeled the former Gib-
son Cafe in Gibson Agency. His son Dan and
Betty Hampton worked for him till Bud
passed away Jan. 1976.

Wayne and Betty Hampton took over the
business Dec. 1, 1976, and is now the
Hampton Agency. As of 1987, they sell all
types of Insurance and also do tax accoun-
ting. Son Don and wife Teresa are employed
at the Hampton Agency.