by Paul and Kathie Hassett

Entry B46 from the History of Hooker County Nebraska
with permission of the Hooker County Historical Society

Paul's Liquor and Drive-Inn, 1988

The ground that the present day Drive Inn
sits on was purchased from Mathews Chevro-
let Company, Inc., by Norbert A. Schenck in
1966. An old building that had housed a small
Drive Inn for awhile and some old cabins were
torn down and a smaller cement block
building was erected in its place. To begin
business, Norb purchased Bill Macke's liquor
license and inventory which had been located
in the building where the present Macke's
Grocery Store is located. Norb operated the
liquor store while completing the work on the
food area of the building. A year later Norb
built a cement slab to the south of the
building with a canopy over it so that cars
could pull up to be served. Norb and Mary
Lou owned and operated Norb's Liquor and
Drive Inn until they sold it to Don and
Shirley Moran in 1971.

In 1974, Morans sold the business to Jim
and LaVerna Coble and it became known as
Coble's Liquor and Drive Inn. Jim and
LaVerna built on a game room and enlarged
the eating area of the building.

In December of 1975, Jim and LaVerna
sold the business to Paul and Kathie Hassett.
They renamed it Paul's Liquor and Drive
Inn. Paul made several changes inside the
building and filled in a corner open space to
make a store room. Paul and Kathie continue
to own and operate Paul's Liquor and Drive
Inn at the present time.