by Berniece Wadlow

Entry B58 from the History of Hooker County Nebraska
with permission of the Hooker County Historical Society

Walker Funeral Home-1939 (Now the Methodist Parsonage)

Mullen Funeral Home 1988

The following information was found in
research of back issues of the Hooker County
Tribune. Some dates are missing.

There is mention of a Harry Kimball being
an undertaker and embalmer in Mullen,
Nebraska in 1907 but no mention of the
location nor was it stated whether Mullen
had a Funeral Home from the birth of Mullen
in 1889 until 1907.

W.E. Wigent bought the building in 1912,
now occupied by "NAPA", from F.M. Cube-
bec but no report of what the building was
used for at that time. We have a clipping
which states that W.E. Wigent opened a
"Cash Store", in the purchased building and
operated it from 1931 to 1938. At this time
he also had an undertaking business on the
second floor of the building. No mention is
made of him selling his business.

The next clipping found in a copy of the
Hooker County Tribune, dated April 6, 1939,
states that David E. Walker had been granted
a license to operate a Funeral Home in
Mullen. "Dave" purchased a home in the
north part of Mullen (now the Methodist
parsonage). Two large rooms in the home
were arranged to be used as a chapel for
services if so desired. The embalming and
work rooms as well as casket storage rooms
were in the basement.

The article states that Dave's slogan was
"As inexpensive as desired; as impressive as
required." Dave continued at this location
until 1955 when, in November, he built the
building on East Second Street (the location
of the Mullen Funeral Home today, 1988).

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell, who owned
and operated the Commercial Hotel, pur-
chased the Mullen Funeral Home from Dave
Walker in 1958 and operated it for several
years, until they sold it due to Harry's failing

Gene Ryan of North Platte, Nebr. and
Jerry Tickle of Arnold, Nebr. bought the
Mullen Funeral Home from the Campbells.
No date available. Later Jerry Tickle bought
Ryan's interest and continued to operate it
until 1980 when he sold the Funeral Home to
Tiff Varney, of Broken Bow, Nebr. and
Arnold, Nebr. Tiff has continued to give the
residents of the Mullen area the friendly,
courteous service they desire.

The above information was taken from
early issues of Hooker County Tribune.