by Donald and Gladys Long

Entry B6 from the History of Hooker County Nebraska
with permission of the Hooker County Historical Society

Robert "Bob" Long. Dray wagon about 1906

As a young man Robert "Bob" Long
worked at the Livery Barn at the same time
he used to drive Dr. Walker around and
drayed at the same time. The time spent
draying is unknown. About 1929, Bob started
to dray again in Mullen, with the help of his
son Don. He would also buy cream for Swift
& Company. The cream was shipped by truck
to Hastings, Nebraska. He was still doing
some dray work up until 1945, when Don
went into the Service. Reuben Long helped
Bob when Don was in the Service. However,
they had quit going to the country in 1935 and
Don went to work at the Co-op until he went
into the Army.

When Donald Long returned from the
Service in 1945, he bought a Beer Parlor on
Main Street and had that until the Fall of
1950. He then went to work at Mathews
Chevrolet Company in 1951. Bob helped in
the Beer Parlor and also drove his own car as
a school bus South of Mullen for several