by Lisa Coble

Entry B60 from the History of Hooker County Nebraska
with permission of the Hooker County Historical Society

Dr. Earl and Helen Walker grandparents of Lisa
Coble, owner and operator of Cosmo Care

The history being told about "Cosmo
Care" has been built within my family. I am
the granddaughter of Dr. L. Earl Walker and
great-granddaughter of Dr. D.A. Walker.
When I was 17 years of age I graduated from
Mullen High School. In the fall of 1982 I
attended Queen Anne Beauty School in
Kearney, Nebr., 169 miles east of Mullen,
Nebr. I completed a 2100 hour course (appx.
14 months) and graduated in November of

From school I moved to Valentine, Nebr.
and worked several months. I temporarily
worked here in Mullen for Peg's Beauty Shop
for a couple of months. I then landed a job
in Hastings, Nebr. for Regis Hairstylists for
several months.

After surrendering quite a portion of
money for taxes I decided to start my own

In April of 1984 I moved to Mullen. My
Grandfather Dr. L. Earl Walker still owned
a building on Main Street. We negotiated and
I began hunting for salon equipment. My
father, Jim Coble, loaned me $500.00 and I
bought the essentials from a friendly Hair-
dresser in North Platte, Nebr. Her salon is
Dee's Beauty Salon.

Bob Bragg and Tom Moore handled the
water works and by may it was all coming
together. Lisa Atkins (Mandeville) and Don
Crofitt helped me paint and decorate the

On May 29, 1984 I opened the door to the
third hair salon in Mullen. In the last year
I've been dibbling in selling Cameo Lingerie
on commission, from Gladys Hodges. It's
been a help with traffic and I enjoy "trying"
to sell. Business has been good for me and I
enjoy being in the heart of down town Mullen.

I'm celebrating my 5th year of operation
May 29, 1988. I am presently 23 years old and
can't say I regret putting my roots down in
a small town much at all.

I thought I would list a number of busi-
nesses that were once active where I am now:
Post Office, Western Store, Beer Parlor, Shoe
Store, Mullen Style Shop, Napa Parts Store,
Music Store, Hardware Store, Optometrist
Office, Cosmo Care Hair Salon.

Above my shop were once Apartments. The
last family that resided there was the Orville
Bradley family.

The part of the building above what is now
the Hooker County Tribune was where my
Granddad Dr. Earl Walker practiced Den-
tistry for about 20 years.

In the bottom room, where presently the
Hooker County Tribune is, was where my
Great-Granddad Dr. D.A. Walker had his
medical office.

So as you can see there is quite a list of
history as far as my business is concerned.
I've enjoyed it and the people of Mullen will
determine the length of business life and my

"Thank You" for your patronage.